4 hours · crystal river


This sleek vessel gives new meaning to the term ‘Bay Windows’! Whether it is just you or a few friends who would like to embark on the manatee snorkel experience there are many options…..This is one of our favorites! Highly recommended by Manatee Fun staff is our one- of- a- kind houseboat. The large windows fill the cabin with light and provide nearly 360 degree line of sight plus a unique rooftop viewing platform for when the boat is anchored. What an incredible sight! Spacious and heated, ride in comfort no matter how chilly the winter winds blow! Sit on the couch overlooking the Refuge waters, sip on your hot cocoa and feel all your worries melt away!!


  • Tour is approximately 4 hours from start to finish

  • Wetsuit, snorkel, mask all included

  • Snacks, water and hot cocoa served

  • Fully enclosed with heated cabin and bathroom

  • Boat seats a maximum of 6 people