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Do you Share  a love and a passion for these gentle creatures? Then come share in an exciting interactive experience between mankind and mammal. Our Private Manatee Tour, is sure to be just what you are looking for. Lets go swim with the manatee! Snorkling with the manatee gets you up close and personal.

We only offer... Private manatee tours with six persons or less. Greater time and consideration can be concentrated on smaller groups of four or less (minimum 2 persons or cost equivalent). 

Anyone can offer a great tour during the peak of manatee season (late November to early February) However, they all don't offer, A BIG FUN! Manatee Tour... 

Your safari begins with our unique enclosed pontoon boat which is warmer and more comfortable than an open pontoon or a curtain sided boat, there is even a small porta-potti on board for emergencies. Our trips are all inclusive; mask, snorkel, and wetsuits  (some sizes not available) are included. When we snorkel and swim with manatee we promise Big Fun!......... 

Your Captains hold a USCG Masters License and have years of experience.