If you are looking for a team of people that can deliver a 'Ton of Fun' then look no further than the Manatee Fun Tour team!! No where else will you find more qualified and entertaining Captains alongside passionate and dedicated in-water guides. We strive to deliver a personalized and professional experience, with a smile! If we don't have you laughing and enjoying your day on the water then we have not done our job! From beginning to end our phenomenal crew defines Manatee Fun, and our awesome visitors remind us daily that we are the luckiest people in the world. In the wise words of one of our guides....'When you love your job, then you never have to work a day!'

Come meet the Manatee Fun crew, let us introduce you to our friends the manatees and you will never quite be the same! See you soon......

If you've been following Manatee Fun for some time, then you know Captain Broderick! As the original owner / operator of Manatee Fun, Captain Broderick does everything with pride and attention to our customer's needs. A typical Captain biography would include a bit about their history and hobbies, but Broderick is NOT typical! Instead….he would like to share a poem!

Captain John T has been with Manatee fun almost from the beginning and would love to have you along for one of his tours!  John was born in Kankakee, IL but much prefers the Florida sunshine to the cold winters up north. He's been here since 1992, so he's not sure he could handle a northern winter anymore! His favorite sport is Hockey and his favorite hobby is working with drones.

Tommy B, we call him the Blue Man, is one of the newest additions to our Fun team and what an awesome addition he has been! He started with us as an in-water guide and photographer; but he just finished his Captain's course so he will be driving boats for us moving forward! We cannot tell you how great the feedback is from our guests when the 'Blue Man' Tommy B is on the scene!

Meet 'Marvelous Matt'…swim guide extraordinaire! Matt is the rare breed around here and was actually born in Florida, Highlands County to be exact. He loves sports and you'll find him cheering for ANY Florida team! He says he has a crazy family, so he is so glad to have the 'Manatee Fun' crew to keep him grounded and entertained! Nothing Matt loves more than pulling pranks on the crew and having a good laugh with good friends.