If you've been following Manatee Fun for some time, then you know Captain Broderick! As the original owner / operator of Manatee Fun, Captain Broderick does everything with pride and attention to our customer's needs. A typical Captain biography would include a bit about their history and hobbies, but Broderick is NOT typical! Instead….he would like to share a poem!

From the Foothills of the Blue Ridge, to the shores of King's Bay

I met a manatee, and to decide to stay.

12 years ago I traded my arrows and bows,

To become part of the tribe of four toes!

From the verge of extinction I've watched their numbers rise,

While captivated by their piercing eyes.

I fight to preserve their habitat,

In the hopes that they will grow old and fat!

As I stand on the bow of my boat and gaze out into the rising sun,

I am your Captain, I am your guide, I am 'Captain Manatee Fun'!

Join Captain Broderick for an awesome adventure of song, poetry and tasteless humor! Broderick Captains our houseboat daily, which offers a very spacious and comfortable ride. He heats it in the winter, and has insulated it so well that in the summer it stays very cool. If you don't have a fun time with this guy, you better slap yourself….you're just not a fun person!!